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M104-Keeping your personal business energy up and running! 

Day in and out Business Developers face many challenges and barriers. How do you keep that positive attitude going during your most difficult times. Tips and  practices to always have your best self before your customers and prospects..

      Class is 3 hours and $175.00 per attendee

M103-Effectively qualifying and managing your business development pipeline!

Your business development pipeline is the communication tool of new business projections, a story board of your company efforts to win new business and management of determining next steps of sales process.. 

       Class is 3 hours and $175.00 per attendee

M102-Know what type of clients and prospects your dealing with and effective tools to use to support them and win their business!

Learn about the different kinds of customer/prospects and their unique characteristics. Class will identify the effective tools to understand them and how to be most productive with each kind of customer..

       Class is 3 hours and $175.00 per attendee

M101-Understanding who are your potential clients and how to reach them!

This class has interactive instruction on how to identify and select your best and most profitable client. Once identified we focus on how to reach them with effective marketing, networking and find business partnerships that will help to achieve your company goals..    

    Class is 3 hours and  $175.00 per attendee

Business Development is a key part of your business infrastructure. A good and effective business development plan, aligned with your resources and talents will achieve your goals. Without a business development plan the opportunities will escape and start the spiral of a failing business. 

Business Development Classes

         Learn new business strategies, understand your prospects better and win more business!