The Importance of Curb Appeal

When you recall the first time you saw something it is because it left an impression that lasts a lifetime! Think about the first time you saw your spouse, that high school car, the couple in the Prom picture and your home the first time you pulled up in the driveway.  MC Handyman Services provides that memory of your future buyers making sure that curb appeal is maximized when they pull up in the driveway for their first time.  

We know how busy the seller gets with all the details of a normal selling your home process.  Our team will make sure one important detail is taken care and that is your curb appeal.   We make sure we work with your listing agents to have lawn cut, hedges trimmed, edges trimmed, leaves and branches removed, all non-appealing items that will take away from creating that amazing first impression and forever memory.  

Every time you have a potential buyer or event, the house will in best presentation as requested by seller.  Do not lose out on your sale because the lawn was not taken care or the hedges not trimmed. We understand how to work to create and keep that curb appeal to increase the odds of your home sale.  Contact us today for a quote about a care plan that fits your budget and can be wrapped into your closing costs. That makes it even better to provide this service!

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