Increasing the Value of your Home or Rental Properties

  • Most value for improvements are the kitchen and bathroom renovations.
  • Upgrade appliances with green energy efficient products that will give a modern look and feel.
  • Brighten the rooms with ways to get more light into the room which will make it look bigger and more welcoming!
  • Update fixtures with new modern equipment with energy saving fans, lights and consider a water filtration system to reduce plastic water bottle use. 
  • Go tankless with your hot water heater. This is a modern trend that will give you endless hot water and not spend money on heating the water 24/7 but instead you heat only what you are using.
  • Increase your square footage by cleaning up clutter and opening the rooms up again with space and light. Get organized and gain space. 
  • Replace worn carpets with new flooring such as hardwood or tile. 
  • Good landscaping is key to first impressions and value of your home. A poorly kept yard will signal that more of the home might need more care and maintenance. 
  • Improve the air quality with clean house and proper care of your heating and cooling systems. Regular filter care, pet waste management and odors that you are noise blind to.  Have a good friend come over and give you an honest review of how your house smells. Get rid of bad smells!
  • Add store space with closet shelves or storage area in garage.
  • Refresh exterior paint and fascia boards for damage, rot and peeling of the paint.

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