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Most Common Home Inspection Findings

A home inspector that is experienced and qualified will always find something that could be corrected, repaired or upgraded.  Even a newly build home will have some home inspection issues that need addressing. Here are some common home inspection findings-

  • Plumbing leaks are often found underneath kitchen, bathroom sinks and toilets. These leaks can be associated to rust or corroded plumbing. Older homes with galvanized water main can have poor water pressure.  Poor plumbing materials being used or a broken seal such as around toilet will cause leaks that can create extensive damage if not fixed.
  • Improper electrical wiring issues can be found when the inspector checks the outlets throughout the house and the interior of the electrical breaker/fuse box. Common finds are double taps, which two electrical feeds use a single breaker. This is a fire hazard. Another common electrical find is reversed polarity when wires are improperly installed. 
  • Heating Systems will be inspected closely to make sure they are working properly, in good shape and safe to operate. Many homeowners do not service their units annually. It is best to have your unit serviced, filter is clean and recent invoice of services. This will give to the inspector a message that the unit is in good working order.
  • Fan ventilation that is not vented to the outside is a flag for home inspector. Bathroom exhaust fans sometimes are vented directly into attic. This cause moisture to buildup and create water damage and mold. All fans have to be vented outside.​
  • Exterior care and maintenance inspection will also be conducted. A common home inspection issue is care and maintenance of gutters and the fascia boards. Problems can include fascia boards that have no ventilation, contain rotted pieces or missing pieces or in poorly painted condition.  This includes damage edge shingles and leaks.
  • Electrical cable coming into the house to the ​meter and then into the breaker panel is exposed to sun and weather becoming frayed. Also it is common to find undersized service cables such as 150 AMP cables for a 200 AMP rated electrical breaker box.
  • Windows that don't work at all or painted shut will not pass inspection.  A common problem is broken sash cords or shifting in house to jam the window closed. These items are all correctable and can pass inspection with repairs. 
  • Fireplace and chimneys inspections are critical when you have one. The chimney should have a proper care with each burning season for safety. Common findings are missing chimney caps, cracked flue tiles, missing mortar and poor chimney flashings. This problem will lead to move damage if not corrected and cared for yearly.
  • Grading for the landscape is important for water run off and key to home inspection. If the water does not drain properly away from house it can come back into the basement, crawl space or damage the foundation of the house.  We provide tips on how to correct grading problems and can correct any current problems with water runoff damage.​
  • Water heaters have common inspection issues with age of equipment, proper venting, compliant check value to release pressure avoiding an explosion.  These release valves have local codes  that must be followed and your home inspector will follow those guidelines.