​​​​Maranatha Contracting

a Government Contracting consulting Company That


Past Performance

"Experience that provides business confidence--"

  • National Contract Managers Association, Old Dominion Chapter Leadership, VP of Operations 
  • ​​Marine Corp Systems Command Small Business Training Outreach Program Event Facilitator.  Responsibilities include monthly event planning with guest speakers, sponsors, venue and follow-up.
    Over 150 government contracting businesses in the last six months have attended. http://www.maranathacontracting.com/dave-dawson-s-small-business-training-presentations.html 

  • Awards in Business Development and Business Strategies for small, medium, large and enterprise businesses
  • Creator and Business Management of GovCon League government contracting business association
  • Government Contracting Program Manager for Prince William County Chamber, Virginia
  • MARCORYSCOM Industry Interface Council member
  • Stafford County Virginia Business Advisory Council member
  • Mary Washington University Business Leadership Council member providing business development expertise and advising business development strategies
  • Government Contracting Business Development Council member for Prince William County Virginia
  • US Conference of Mayors Committee member 
  • Federal and State Business Developer for Boise Paper and OfficeMax Government Services
  • TRADOC Compliance Modernization Program Management
  • Facilitator for SeaportE business support and strategies for small, medium and large business