Getting the Closing Out Punch Lists Completed

You have come so far in the house selling process.  All the time listing the property, the showings, the back and forth on pricing all now have funneled down with some final details to complete first then SOLD!  Sometimes they are paperwork but mostly from the home-inspector who has discovered some items for example, that should be repaired, replaced or modified to code.  It can be across a host of trades from roofers, drywall, electrical, foundation experts, HVAC, Wallpaper removal just to name a few. This can be very time consuming just to find, schedule, pay and be sure of a good quality job.

MC Handyman Services provide a central contact point to quote a price, schedule the job and get it done to support the selling/buying process. Our methods of communication, gathering the right evaluations and pairing the work up with the best service providers.  All of those little odds and ends will be addressed with experience and skilled tradesman.  These contractors are committed to your timelines and will get the jobs done!

Contact us and upload your punch out lists in a document, picture, text and we will give you a quote!  We are ready to serve you!     Contact us and let us know you want help with your punch out list! 

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