home and building project rePair, Care and Maintenance

Maranatha Contracting

·  We complete the final tasks of punch lists to meet your closing schedule.

·  Pre-listing inspection and planning tools. 

·  We create and maintain the "curb appeal"  for a quick sale of your property.

·  A home inventory of your house will be a great planning tool.  Send a request and we        will provide you a Property History Log for planning and history.

·  Choosing the right selling/buying agent is critical to your success. 

·  Most common things to check on that will be part of your home inspection.

·  Home repairs and improvements that will increase the value of your home.


Do you own a rental property?  MC Handyman Services will prepare and provide rental properties care and maintenance service level agreement to fit every budget and needs.

Is clutter throughout the listing house causing a delay in finding the right buyer?  We have the pro's on our team help reduce clutter and help organize to maximize the sale! 

Maranatha Contracting Programs